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Welcome to my "Quote of the Day" page! 

Since this is blog is specifically made for my passion for books and to share what I have read with you all. I decided to share my passion for looking for quotes and learning something about it connecting with the quote. This is an recent passion of mine (I use to do it before but than I found myself in situations where I wanted an advice and thought if I am going through this perhaps someone else is too so I started looking for quotes and talking about them (on Facebook ;P) and some of them where from books, movies or anything else. So I am dedicating this page for quotes and I will talk about what I think and how this quote has schooled me about life and all. I will post a quote daily. Perhaps 2 or 3 at a time it really depends on how much I love it. This page I think will be for you guys to comment and share your views with me. Maybe a debate or any inspiring quotes you may have. If you do email or post it in the comments and than I can post my favorites and that time I will have the person who was inspired to talk about and I will say my share. Its going to be so much fun ;)

So without any further ado. 
I will post my first quote that I just found today. 

You really don't always have to be 
super nice
sometimes you have to show your bad side
so that you can sort out who can accept you 

A very enlightening quote. I wish that people understand that no one is perfect and if you really love and care for someone. Then you will need to accept their flaws and imperfections because that shows how much you really care.

When someone can actually stand by you when you are "at your worst" that will show much they really care for you. If they are sulking, yelling making you change that they don't love your imperfections and flaws. They only care of this ideal image they have of you. Always remember that. It is said you can't choose your family but you can choose your friends.  So choose wisely, if your friends stays with you when you are at worse than make sure you don't loose them, always remind them how much special they are to you.  

Please do comment, I would love to hear from you guys :) 

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