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Misguided Heart by Amanda Bennett

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What if with one choice you could change your whole life in a matter of seconds?

Aston Boyd has always put everything into her work. She has never needed anyone in her life and has survived on her own since she was 18, never looking back. When she gets her dream promotion and becomes the new editor at one of the biggest publishing houses in Arizona, she thinks she has finally figured it all out.

But, when Aston receives an invitation to her first love's wedding, she starts to re-evaluate just how much she has given up for her career.

With a mission in mind to try and win back the one she let go, she never took in to consideration that what she might need, or even want, could be right in front of her.

Will she be willing to put her heart out there to get back the life she could have had, or will she try for something new?

Sloan Holden is the quintessential bad boy trying to cover all that up with his good boy act. He has spent the last 9 years trying to prove to his over bearing father that he can change his ways, and one day run his publishing house. The only thing standing in his way is the slew of fast women and his wild lifestyle, which he just can't seem to give up. He doesn't do relationships and always vowed to stay single forever.

A lot can change when the one person you thought you would never fall for worms their way into your heart, but will the feelings be returned?  


“Nice mouth! Well at least from what I can remember.”

Seriously? Was he seriously flirting with me now? Man this guy is either bi-polar or just really fucking good at getting what he wants.

“Can I help you Mr. Holden?

“Ah, so we're back to Mr. Holden, huh? Can't we just go back to you just calling me by my name and not my fathers?”

“Um, no sorry. I think it's safer to stick with Mr. Holden.”

“Well it probably is but you know, he is a married man.” He winked.

“Ha ha, very funny. How long have you been working on that one?”

“Oh Ms. Boyd I love our little bantering sessions lately. I have to say, they do make my day a little bit easier.”

Don't look at his eyes! Do not look at his eyes. You stupid bitch you're looking at his eyes. His eyes were more of a honey color today and just as mesmerizing as any other day. I wanted to run my tongue along his neck and chest, stopping at his nipples for just a minute and then continue on down his body. I wanted to take his long length into my-

~Dream Cast~

~Misguided Heart Playlist~ 

Overjoyed by Matchbox Twenty
Want To by Sugarland
Blow Me (One Last Kiss) by P!nk
Did It For The Girl by Greg Bates
Wild Ones by Flo Rida
This Love (Will Be Your Downfall) by Ellie Goulding
Cruise by Florida Georgia Line
Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy
Our Song by Matchbox Twenty
How Long by Matchbox Twenty
With Or Without You by U2
Heavy In Your Arms by Florence and the Machine
Lovers' Eyes by Mumford and Sons
Where Are You Now by Mumford and Sons
Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye
Your Love Is A Song by Switchfoot
Back To December by Taylor Swift
I Never Told You by Colbie Calliat
Wide Awake by Katy Perry
Drunk On Love by Rihanna
Misguided Ghosts by Paramore
All I Wanted by Paramore
Never Say Never by The Fray
You Can't Break A Broken Heart by Kate Voegele
Missing You by Tyler Hilton
Where I Stood by Missy Higgins
A Drop In The Ocean by Ron Pope
(Kissed You) Good Night by Gloriana
Stay by Florida Georgia Line
Thinking Of You (And Me) by Love and Theft
Even If It Breaks Your Heart by Eli Young Band
Always The Love Songs by Eli Young Band
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye by Luke Bryan
Starships by Nicki Manaj
Bust A Move by Young MC
Animal by Neon Trees
Fall Into Me by Emerson Drive
Remember When by Chris Wallace
Don't by Billy Currington
I Got A Feelin' by Billy Currington
Am I The Only One by Dierks Bentley
What If We Could by Blue October
We Are Never Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift
Sexy Bitch by David Guetta
Beauty And A Beat by Justin Bieber
Scream by Usher
Poison & WIne by The Civil Wars
Change (In The House Of Flies) by Deftones
Closer by Nine Inch Nails
Will You by P.O.D.
Love Somebody by Maroon 5
Breath by Breaking Benjamin
A Little More by Skillet
Hard To Love by Lee Brice
I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons
Try by P!nk
Ho Hey by The Lumineers
Remember Everything by Five Finger Death Punch
Home To Me by Sarah Darling
Bad Habit by Sarah Darling 


First off I want to say that I enjoyed reading Misguided Heart. I really liked it. 

So getting off in the nitty gritty stuff. Ashton was no meek girl, she kicked ass and didn't let anyone come in her way when she worked so hard in achieving. Then she gets a wedding invitation of her first loves wedding with the girl she never really liked and everything she wanted crashed down on her. Made her feel that everyone is getting what she wanted. She wanted to settle down, get married and have kids but that didn't happen. 

When she first accepted the invitation she went there in the intention to show it doesn't effect her at all, than she saw the wedding she planned. Internal struggle starts. 

Coming to Solan, he is the hot, jerk and a big player. Never cared about anything, took what he wanted and moved on. He started to notice Ashton and than a whole lot. He decided than and there he wanted her and will not stop until after he gets what he has to have. 

They both have their own past demons to fight. Secrets that they kept hidden. Will Ashton goes back to her first love? Will Sloan get what he wants and leave her? Or will he find something he can't seem to let go?  

Overall I liked this story, I don't want to spoil much but I had to stop a few times in reading this because Ashton and Sloan got in my nerves a bit. They knew what they wanted but let everything else get entangle and get messy that you don't know what exactly you wanted. One thing I liked was when they messed up both of them hurt each other back, so it wasn't like there was one really hurt party. They both knew exactly where they are coming from. It is just that they didn't tell the truth and got hurt. Sloan was a little worser than her and Ashton need on really good shake. 

But than again, it is called Misguided. 

I did enjoy the book it's a standalone and has HEA. So I'm happy. ;) 

Want an enjoyable read with a flawed hot jerk and a messy badass girl than grab your copy. 

Buy here:

My verdict? 

4 stars!! 


~About this book~

1- My husband was the inspiration for Sloan
2- Aston & Shelby's relationship is exactly how mine and one of my best friend's is
3- Most of the characters a certain characteristic traits of people I know
4- The Ducati 848 Evo in the book, is my dream bike
5- The main character is named after my dream car, an Aston Martin
6- If I were to ever open a restaurant I would name it Sak Lunch, that's why I used that name in the book
7- This book was originally supposed to be a series but I decided on 1 book because I didn't want it to drag
8- The sex scenes in the book are mainly made up of my fantasies
9- I have always wanted to go to New York so that's why I put it in the book
10- I grew up in Arizona (lived there for 20 years)
11- Aston's wardrobe in the book is my dream wardrobe

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