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Nicole Parsons had the perfect life, made complete with the suburban home and the proverbial white picket fence. When tragedy struck and she lost the most important people in her life, she turned away from everything she loved before; shutting out every reminder of the perfect life she lost.

It has been one year, three months, one week and six days since the accident; and Nicole is ready to stop counting the days she’s survived, and begin living again.

On a dare from her best friend, Nicole encounters Zack Walters - the popular alternative rock star and man who signifies so much of her past – and suddenly everything in Nicole’s safe and quiet life changes.

When she’s forced to face the pain she’s carried for so long, will she truly be able to heal from her past and begin to live again?

Or will her new adventure ruin her completely?


I glare at her and it’s as if we’re having an argument without saying any words. None are needed. She’s totally daring me to do this. She doesn’t even have to speak the words because I can see them being silently spoken in the glare of her eyes. It’s been almost two years since I’ve seen that look – the last time being when she dared me to go skinny-dipping at my parent’s lake house; in the middle of the day, on a lake filled with jet-skis and water skiers. This is the very first dare she’s issued me since the accident, and something about knowing that, coupled with my recent desire to start actually living again, lights a small spark within me.
Damn it. I haven’t backed out on a dare or a bet since I was thirteen years old and it pains every fiber of my physical being to consider backing out tonight. I keep my eyes on my perky best friend as she flounces her long blonde hair, grinning like she’s just won a million bucks. And she has, because as much as it worries me that I’ll fail miserably, I can’t say no.
“What do I need to do?”
She scans the crowd while she starts talking, and my anxiety climbs with every second. I can’t believe I’m doing this. All I wanted to do tonight was visit my favorite place in the world and enjoy a few drinks while listening to live music for the first time in fifteen months. It’s amazing how quickly I can get suckered into insanity.
She smiles and I raise my eyebrows, curiosity blossoming within me. “You get someone to buy you and drink, and I’ll buy you a pair of Manolos.”
“You’re kidding.”
“Nope. And I’ll make it even easier on you.” She points the tip of her beer towards the end of the bar where two guys are standing. One is tall and blonde and he’s gesturing with wild arm motions to his friend. I can’t see much from the other guy because he has a baseball cap pulled down low over his eyes. From the little I can see they’re both about our age if not a little bit older. Attractive doesn’t even begin to describe the blonde. I turn back to Mia and groan.
“They’re in the corner of the bar. That’s the classic leave me the hell alone spot and you know it.”
“Yeah, but there are two of them; and only one has to buy the beer. I’m sure you can sweet talk your way into getting one of them to pay up. Now roll up your skirt a little bit to show off your amazing legs and go get your shoes.”
I look down on my black skirt that already ends a few inches above the knee. A part of me wants to run, the other part – the part I’m starting to remember – really wants a new pair of six hundred dollar shoes.


He takes a few steps towards me and I freeze. I cling tightly to my beer bottle when his hand reaches out and softly touches one of the curls in my hair. His eyes soften and I’m mesmerized by the light green that has darkened slightly. One side of his lips quirk up just a little bit, leaving this sexy smirk that I have a feeling is the same one that causes girls all over the country to drop their panties for at his concerts. Or so Mia claims. But I totally get the feeling because I suddenly have butterflies flying like mad in my stomach as he gazes down on me. Screw that, it’s not butterflies, it feels more like monkeys jumping on a trampoline. And it scares the hell out of me, but not in a bad, I need to run away now, way. More like it feels so good, I want to lean closer and snuggle up to him sort of way.
“See you in ten minutes?” he asks so softly and roughly that I almost don’t hear him over the noise in the bar. I’m stuck stupid and can’t say anything, so I just nod.
At least I hope that’s what I do because I can’t really tell if I’m moving at all.
He lets go of my hair and chuckles softly – more to himself than me- and flashes a wave and large smile to Mia. “See you soon.” 

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Sounds fabulous, I am definitely being impatient while waiting on its release!!! 

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