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Saving Forever by Jasinda Wilder


Ever and Cade,

Sorry I vanished like I did. I’m not sure I can even explain things. I don’t know when I’ll be back. IF I’ll be back. I’m not sure of anything, except that I love you, Ever. You’re my twin, my best friend, and leaving you was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I know you don’t understand. Maybe you never will. I hope you don’t, honestly. It would be easier that way. That’s cowardly, I’m sure.

Cade, take care of her. Love her, the way she deserves. The way you always have, for forever and always.

If I could ask you anything, it’s that you remember me as I was, and forget me as I am.

I’m sorry, and goodbye, and I love you.



Breathtakingly beautiful ending to my favourite series of Jasinda Wilder. This book is far by my favourite book of the Trilogy. If you are scared to read this book after what the first two books did to you than please don't be like me taking so LONG to read it. This book is exactly what you need after the heartbreaking previous two books did to us. Trust me because I was scared and I didn't need to be. ;)

Devour this book and savour it because you'll miss them when they end. I did. I tried making my kindle take me to the imaginary page in between the last chapter and the author's note. Seriously. I was trying to make another chapter out of sheer will of a crazy reader who wants more! Obviously it ended the way it needed to but when I was missing them already, I needed more for my own sanity! LOL. Moving on...

This book is exactly what the title says. Saving Forever. 

“We had forever, and it was taken from us… Let’s save our forever, Cade. Please. Let’s take it back.”

Saving the reader's sanity, reader's heart and the character's forever. 

The beauty of this series, especially this book, is that among so much tragedies these four characters faced, they are trying to live it out. To beat the pain. The sheer will of their determination to get back on their feet is incredible. Pain is so intricate that for everyone its defined differently. Some let themselves drown in it or others take one day at time and try to heal themselves. 

“Sometimes, all you can do is push through. Make mistakes and accept them. You can’t always make the right decision. Sometimes there isn’t one. Sometimes there’s just everything getting all fucked up, and the only thing you can do is go through it and pick up the pieces on the other side." 
There is this defining moment in our lives when choices burdens our heart so much you are literally in a maze trying to feel your way out because you are blinded by pain that you can't see what is exactly right in front of you. You expect everything to ruin after the major revelation. You guarantee yourself that forgiveness is something way out of your hands and that's when you are wrong. Forgiveness is given you can never know when you'll get it and you can't expect it. If you get it. Grab it on with both hands and NEVER let it go because you can't imagine how hard or how rare you get it.

Carter enters this series in Saving Forever and he is a carpenter by profession and heart. He builds beauty in the broken bits. Finds beauty in wood and presents it in such awestruck manner, that you stare and the emotions put in it strikes you in your heart and you perceive it in the manner that defines your experiences in your life. His life is shattered by his tragedy that even as a builder he can't piece back together. 

Eden is burdened with guilt, pain, fear and the daunting unknown future. Eden really changes through Saving Forever, the image and hate you may have felt in After Forever changes. You feel compassionate towards her, you even love her. We all make mistakes whether they are big or small ones. I'm not saying I condone what she did but I understand her. I get her. And that is unbelievable for me because I hated her for what she did. I was so wrapped up in Ever that I couldn't see that she is self destructing herself and that she loves Ever as much as we do. That she is in a lot of pain. Ever is her twin after all. Their connection is something we all can never understand. I love her. She deserves another chance.

“Feeling love is easy. Living love, that’s the hard part.”

Ever and Cade both have a lot to move on from. Tragedy doesn't have a delete button - sadly! - that you can just delete out of your lives. Our lives is what we can make out of it. This is what Ever and Cade need to do move past the hurt, the guilt, their darkness and just take one step further out of the darkness into their light. Remember that falling in love and fighting to keep the love alive is to different things and the hardest part it doing your part in loving your love so much that everything else ceases to exist. Keep them happy. 

All the missing pieces of puzzle slowly come along to make the puzzle of Carter, Eden, Ever and Caden. There are a few books I read that makes me so frustrated, upset and happy at the same time and this series together made me insane with too many feelings that I didn't know what to do about them. But books like this are what readers want - no need because this is the reason WHY we read and become obsessed with the characters that they are family. 

"Forgiveness is a choice, and so is love.”



NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY and WALL STREET JOURNAL bestselling author Jasinda Wilder is a Michigan native with a penchant for titillating tales about sexy men and strong women. When she’s not writing, she’s probably shopping, baking, or reading.

You can often find Jasinda drinking sweet red wine with frozen berries and eating a cupcake.

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