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Best friends since they could walk. In love since the age of fourteen.
Complete strangers since this morning.
He'll do anything to remember. She'll do anything to forget.


(My reaction)

Oh. My. God. 

I'm crazily sliding to the next page but its not showing me more. Kindle. How DARE you. This is NOT cool dude. I NEED more. DO NOT LEAVE ME HANGING LIKE THIS. 

Still willing the kindle to show me more... 

Three minutes later... 

NOT. COOL. MR. KINDLE. You are seriously pissing me off. I am going to throw you across the room. 

*Raises my hand to throw the kindle across the room.* Steam coming out of my ears and mouth. I am the mad bull. Beware. 

I glare at my kindle. My mind furiously going over everything I read in the book. Picking up each line, each scene and examining each clue between the lines. I've calmed a little bit down, but, I still want more. Like right now. 

Basking in the light if the cliffhanger I realize that this was a meant to be cliffhanger. It's a perfect cliffhanger. 


Deep breath in and out. 


This did not just happen to me while this world is functioning just fine. My world turned upside down and everything seems to be in the perfect order. 

You have to admit it Trisha this is a perfect ending to this part of the book because it leaves you wanting more and you just can't think of anything else beyond this book. Bye bye life. I am going on vacation until Never Never is completed. My mind and heart is invested in this story, real life can't come between me, Charlie and Silas. 


I love this book. I love you ladies. You went beyond my expectations and gave me this phenomenal book. Thank YOU and I'm seriously waiting impatiently for part 2. Counting the days down. 1, 2, 3, ...

Okay now off to my review...

When I first heard about Colleen Hoover's and Tarryn Fisher's collaboration I was excited. So excited that I couldn't contain my happiness and waited to get my hands on their lovechild. Our Queen and the Evil Genius are writing a book together what can we expect?!?!?! I was thrilled and scared what they will do to my heart so silly of me not to be worried about my mind because my mind is so messed up right now. My Brain is scrambled and I have SOOOO many questions and so many theories swirling my mind. They literally blew me away to space. I bet my mind is floating around there with a crazy looking smile. I can just imagine a brain with a freaking looking smile. 

They left me in such a state. Here I am days after writing my review. I truly cannot tell you ANYTHING about this book because from the first page there is so much going on and you MUST go in blind. Beware of spoilers. You truly don't want to spoil anything. 

This is from our Queen CoHo and I am quoting her: "Every sentence of this book is in there for a reason. Each was thought about a lot. Every word is a mystery. Every sentence a clue." So once again stay away from spoilers. (Taken from the Discussion Group, you'll find the link at the bottom of the review you can join AFTER you have read the book. You'll need the support.) 

Never Never is this wild roller coaster ride. It's thrilling, suspenseful, mysterious, romantic and exciting. It keeps your mind on its toes. This book is TRULY a masterpiece. From this book it proves that Colleen and Tarryn are both Evil Geniuses. I LOVE them for this book and their writing together is explosive to your mind. Savour each word, each sentence, each scene because it finishes too quickly and you'll be left with wanting more all too soon.

Colleen wrote Silas' POV and Tarryn wrote Charlie's POV but each chapter blends in with the other chapter so seamlessly you can't tell its been written by a different author. Especially with their different writing styles it all came together in one phenomenal package.

Yes, there is a cliffhanger, however, take this from the girl whom patience isn't one of her virtues. I'm a very impatient girl. And I loved this cliffhanger. It was necessary. It's the kind of cliffhanger that leaving you wanting needing part 2.This will make you want to re-read the shit out of Never Never. You'll want to re-read to see if you missed any clues and create even more theories.

Never Never is a novella series. Part two will be coming out in May 17th, 2015, the pre-order link is live for iBooks right now, I'll update you when the pre-order links are live on the other platforms.

THIS IS MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE BOOK OF THIS YEAR! My first 5 STARS book of 2015. Absolutely phenomenal.

I truly hope even after this series that Colleen and Tarryn write another stunning book together.




(Only if you have already read it, join or else you will find spoilers!)



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