Saturday, 23 June 2012

Magic Hour

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Darling little Alice touched my heart so deeply. Whenever she was afraid I wanted to jump in the book and give a big huge hug. She was such a brave little girl to survive like that. Alice experience a nightmare that parents wouldn't want their child to experience. She experience only love for a little and held on to. Took tiny baby steps and learned the world on her own. Don't get me started on Julia, she is amazing, the way she got to Alice was so amazing (again the same word,  I need to use another word) she was STUPENDOUS! Max <3. He is spectacular, I love how he says the right things, not many people can do that. Max had his own demons to slay and he did. He didn't let the demons win. He had a choice all or nothing (after you read it you will know what I mean) and he makes that choice believe me it wasn't an easy battle for him. Julia and Max made a awesome couple. They completed one another perfectly. 

This officially is my favorite book of Kristin Hannah. The second place is for Angel Falls. Hats off to you Kristin Hannah this was obviously a very hard to book to right and especially switching POVs like you did and you were able to pull it off quite nicely. The way you have written this book I just couldn't put it down. So beautifully written its an art. Can't wait to read your other books and get swept in by the beauty of it. I am so glad my friend came across Night Road and told me about it that I had the pleasure to read more books of yours. :)

This novel touched my heart so deeply that I keep re-reading it until Kristin has her new novel released (I heard its coming out in 2013, that's next year so I am going to keep re-reading all your books to hold me over)

My verdict? 5 trillion, gazillion and more stars that twinkle in the sky gracing us with the beauty of it and its wish.

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