Monday, 25 June 2012

Wishing For Someday Soon

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Wow! This book is AMAZING! I love it. 

It's one emotional roller coaster ride. I love Katelyn, she is an amazing character who had so many responsibilities with her and  never did we RUN AWAY from. She is an SPECTACULAR sister for her brother that I had tears in my eyes how she protected and loved him. Kevin for being a nine year old is pretty wise for his age and in his own way kept his sister alive.  

Their someday is what we all take for granted. Being loved and being with our parents. This book shows what we all should thank God for. Thanking him for giving us such loving parents and a stable home.

This book is more than a fabulous read, I seriously can't put much into words how this book has given me a new prospective on things many of us has taken for granted. It reminds me of when food at home is wasted and its thrown it into the garbage. When I think of people who a grain of food is hard for them to get. Or having parents who are working so hard for their children to give them a better life.  

I am so glad to have read this book, I can't think of anything bad about this book, it was phenomenal. :) 

My verdict? 5 stars! 


  1. Hi Trisha,
    The cover is cool and you seems enthousiastic about this book. I will add it to my list.
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  2. Hey Lucie,

    It's great hearing from you :) I loved it, it was a delight to read it. I hope you like it [maybe even love it ;)]. By the way I saw your blog and it looks fantastic.


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