Saturday, 23 June 2012

Sing Me to Sleep

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First I like to say is that this book is written beautifully and it was a wonderful journey for me while I read this  book. I loved this book.

Now let me say that this book left me in a mess. I was trying to read through my tears when I finished the book I shaken to my core. Me crying proves how amazing this book is because I rarely cry for books I read. I love Derek and Beth. I had mixed feelings for Scott he was a great friend was there when no one was there but he was so much demanding. I couldn't love him because Derek took my heart away. He was an amazing young man. He taught so much. He had seen a lot in his life. I won't say anymore or else I will spoil it for you. I recommend this book to everyone [but I warn you if you are not a person who can handle a emotional roller coaster now is the time so run like hell ;)] its a wonderful book you can definitely learn a lot.

Now readers who love to listen to music while reading I would recommend that you would listen to this near the end of the book or after you finished. It will move you to tears. (Yup that was your warning)  Here is the song:

I honestly have nothing bad to say of this book because it is perfect as it was. I will honestly say this I won't be re-reading this book (from the beginning probably the ending, but that's just me) because just thinking of it moves me to tears heck this song this tears me up. My heart won't be able to take it. Yes this isn't a re-reading material for my case but I'm sure some may say differently. One thing is for sure I don't regret reading it because it definitely was a FABULOUS read.

I don't have anything else more to say right now because I just need to process it in my head and when I'm not a mess anymore probably I can say more.

My verdict? BILLION GAZILLION STARS IN THE GALAXY (cause 5 stars just can't cover it)

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