Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Cover Reveal: Stubborn Love by Natalie Ward


Five years ago, tragedy brought Jared and Mia together. A tragedy that was the start of an unlikely source of support, a true friendship and eventually, deep, heart-stopping love. Until the day something pushed them apart, forcing one of them to let the other one go.

Now, over the course of a day and a night, Jared and Mia will finally talk about how it all went wrong. How something which seemed so perfect and true, was so easily broken. And just when they think they’ve found their way back to each other, their love, will once more be put to the ultimate test.

Sometimes, you never realise how much you can hurt the one you love.
Sometimes, you never realise the lengths you’ll go to, to help someone you love.
And sometimes, you never realise just how stubborn love can be.
Because it’s impossible to let somebody go, when you never stopped loving them in the first place.

Add to your TBR list!!!

Release Date: September 2013

This is the companion novel to I Love You to Death, if you want to add the sequel to your TBR list, do so here: 

I loved I Love You to Death and anything Natalie writes will hit my TBR list and be near the top MUST Read ;) 

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